Facebook launch real time bidding exchange


Facebook launch real time bidding exchange ...

The recent announcement that Facebook is to enable real-time bidding on its ad inventory provides a huge new opportunity for direct response advertisers. It is now possible to buy audiences on the platform in the same way audiences are bought across the multitude of ad exchanges available. 

The sheer size of Facebook coupled with the time its users spend on site mean it is already an established element of the media mix, but the fact that advertisers can now pinpoint their audiences and buy them in real time puts Facebook in a very strong position.

Advertisers can use the data collected from their own website, enabling them to re-target non-converters through the Facebook platform. Although the usual Facebook targeting options will not be made available, advertisers can also overlay behavioural data bought through third party providers.

Our Kaizen platform is built upon proprietary DSP (Demand Side Platform) technology and targeting strategies to deliver improvement through continuous optimisation across all digital channels. Through the Kaizen platform we are able to deliver Facebook RTB campaigns that fit within defined targeting and are continuously optimised throughout the duration of a campaign.

To find out more about RTB or the Kaizen platform, please contact us through our contact form or call us on 01793 715440.


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