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Facebook vs Google Plus

Written by Michael | 31-Jul-2012 14:51:03

Google+ was launched on June 28, 2011. In just two weeks it had 10 million users, all of whom were on an invite only basis. The website's rapid growth continued and by the end of the year that number had risen to 90 million. As of June 2012 the site had 250 million users. Considering it has only been a year, 250 million is an impressive number however; how many of these users are actually active? According to comScore, Google+ users spend a shockingly low 3 minutes a month on the site. Compare that to Facebook's 405 minutes and it shows that users aren't everything, especially when they're not actually using your product.

So will Google+ now drift off into the internet grave yard with its companions MySpace, Digg and Bebo?

Facebook may have more users but they don't seem that impressed. They recently received a score of 61 from then American Customer Satisfaction survey, a 7.6% drop from last year. Meanwhile Google+ (and Wikipedia) scored the highest with an overall score of 78. So, Facebook users seem to be left unsatisfied while Google+ has a small group of loyal and happy users in their circle.

Facebook's score isn't really that surprising. Whenever Facebook make an upgrade to their site it never seems to go down well with their users e.g. the recent timeline update. The fact that their latest app, on both Apple and Android, is being outscored by Google+ is another problem. When it comes to the Android app they are only separated by just half a star.

It's the iPhone app which is the real problem for Facebook. The current versions rating is just two stars which even if doubled wouldn't match Google+'s impressive score of four and a half.

Right now there is no denying Facebook is still the dominant social media site and it most likely won't be going anywhere for a very long time. Google+ could still act as competition though; it's now starting to fire on all cylinders with great usability and a very attractive layout. The users are happy and now all it needs are a few hundred million more.