Digital Futures – “innovation with a small i” and other discussions…


Digital Futures – “innovation with a small i” and other discussions… ...

We recently held our fifth Digital Futures event of 2015 at our London Paddington office. The sessions have been running for little over two years now and this session in particular stimulated a lot of discussion around the themes: mobile, local and social.

Hosted by our strategy account director, 
Tiffany Stubbs, and supported by Jamie Walker, client services director, and myself, we kicked off the session by introducing equimedia’s digital wave: 

equimedia digital wave map

We use our digital wave to map our Clients’ individual innovation journeys. The channels in the top right corner are typically classed as ‘business as usual’ channels, with emerging technologies in the bottom left, which are typically less mature and carry less ROI confidence with marketers. They tend to be largely untested for brands in mainstream marketing.

Although we bill these events as showcasing the latest innovations in digital, Thursday’s session provoked discussion around innovation “with a small i”. For example, we discussed several impactful 
digital out of home (DOOH) formats that we have seen recently. Although these formats may not return immediate ROI, when complemented with higher confidence channels such as PPC or programmatic display targeted to support the placement of the DOOH ads, this creates a different view as to how the ad could impact on sales and awareness outside of the locality where the ad is placed. We discussed how much content one of these DOOH ad placements can garner and the longevity this can drive when combined with the ‘business as usual’ channels, helping to drive ROI from the overall campaign.

Marketing Week’s recent article
Interactive ads are not gimmicks but ROI boosters supports this, talking about the social currency that these ads create. People are willing to share their experiences of DOOH, building momentum and reach behind the campaign, and really maximising the campaigns’ earned media potential.

In addition to DOOH, The Internet of Things never fails to get conversation flowing, and there was no exception for Thursday’s session. While people have differing views on the need for some of these technologies, with one attendee likening the increased reliance on these technologies to ‘shutting out the world’ and potentially reducing the need for shy individuals to communicate outside their own four walls. It was clear from opinion shared in the room that these technologies really do have a place in today’s society, especially to promote independence amongst individuals who may not otherwise be able to live alone.

Something relevant to all the industries in the room, but especially for the finance and retail brands, was a discussion around wearable technology, following the launch of apple’s iWatch and Nationwide being at the fore with their smartwatch app development. This brewed some interesting points, especially around contactless payments and how this could be really useful as more and more of us turn to a cashless society - making it even easier for people to spend their money without needing to open their wallet or even locate their debit card!

equimedia digital futures event

We have another event at our Swindon offices this Thursday so will update you on any further discussions following that. Each event is attracting more and more marketers from all industries (including our own clients), and we welcome new faces to come and join in our conversations. If you would like to join us at our next round of events in the summer, please contact Philippa Dunn in our new business team: and she will book your place. We look forward to seeing you there.


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