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My First Post

Written by Jess Lepore | 12-Jun-2014 14:45:00

36 pages of notes added and I’ve only just started my second week.

What’s going on?

My primary school teacher called this phenomenon “the real world”.

I’ve just finished my marketing degree, and been accepted onto equimedia’s graduate programme, a role designed to provide graduates such as myself with a plethora of skills and experience across the digital marketing sphere.

There’s a lot to learn.

University often felt like Groundhog Day as, each year, we learnt and relearnt the marketing P’s, SWOT analysis and Porters five forces analysis. It turns out I haven’t had to use any of my highly polished SWOT analysis techniques here so far, and (to my surprise) it turns out that unlike university would suggest, you can’t put marketing into a box and theorise about it.

The bad news is that university won’t prepare you for “the real world”.

All of the essays you’ve written and all the journals you’ve read are unlikely to help you here. You’ll need to know how to use Excel, Google and your noggin; otherwise you’ll have serious problems. The good news is that if you’re not afraid of getting stuck in, analysing spreadsheets and using your intuition, you’ll get on here like a server room on fire.

The challenge with looking for a digital agency to work for was that I wanted a company which possessed a broad area of expertise, but not too large that I’d never be able to learn everyone’s name. I avoided many of the well-known agencies, as corporate behemoths aren’t my thing.

equimedia is a growing agency. It’s not too big to feel corporate, and it’s not too small to feel claustrophobic. There’s a team of 50 friendly people who are at the top of their game, and we’ve got experts in each area to plague with questions and learn from. I’m not even in the finance team, but I’m pretty sure that if I wanted to, I’d be able to walk over, sit down and ask to learn about invoicing for half an hour.

I’ll be spending three months training and working in each of the seven teams (AdOps, Media, Account Management, New Business, Search (PPC and SEO), Digital Development and Finance). That is, as soon as I get comfortable in one, I’ll be moving to another team to learn a bunch more.

When I’ve had three months in each team, I’ll have three months to specialise in whichever team is the best fit.

My first team? AdOps.

To the uninitiated, that’s Advertising Operations. We work on the technical side: setting up, optimising and reporting on a large portion of our digital campaigns. I’ve picked up almost 42 hours of training on everything from account management to campaign optimisation. If you’re applying to the grad programme and are worried you’ll be sent to AdOps, don’t fear – you’ll be placed in the team which is most suited to your skills, so if you’ve never heard of HTML or Javascript, you’re unlikely to be dropped head-first into AdOps.

There’s a lot to learn.

If you’re applying, you’d better be ready to learn more in a week than you did during your entire degree programme. You won’t need to 'Harvard reference' your work here.

However, even if you’re a scientific thinker, you need to develop a belief in magic.

Some of the tech we have access to is mind-blowing. Even for someone who reads tech news every day. For example: Real-Time Bidding platforms allow us to bid on an advert within milliseconds of a web page loading – we’re talking about thousands of advertisers bidding for a single ad space in a split second. As I’ve said, magic.

During my training, the phrase I’ve heard most frequently is “just ask.”

Just ask.

Seems pretty simple to me.

If you don’t understand something, ask.

Here, it’s better to enquire and find out than stay silent and never know.

Everyone seems pretty cool about being ambushed with questions, and actively encourage it.

It’s all about developing expertise from the outset.

So what are you going to experience when you’re new here?

1. A friendly team you can bug with all the questions you have
2. Solid training
3. Plenty to learn
4. Large amounts of tea and coffee
5. Deep sleep - you’ll be knackered

Oh, and buy a couple of extra alarm clocks.