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Fitness Apps - Tried and Tested

Written by Jodi | 18-Apr-2012 08:52:03


Exercise is boring...fact. I found this until I started using exercise and fitness apps and now I find that my iPhone has become an essential part of my workout. Now, there are lots available and way too many to list here so I have recruited the help of my fellow fitness app user colleagues to give you their first hand experiences on which they think are the best fitness apps in the app store.

The most popular app amongst Equi=Media employees and friends is Endomondo and at the moment it’s my app of choice. Endomondo tracks every distance based sport from walking and running to the not so everyday polo and scuba diving using the built-in GPS. For me, running is the exercise of choice and I find the audio feedback on my performance during my numerous laps of the park really helpful, especially when reading my last lap time as gives me the motivation to do better on the next one. If they fancy it, your friends can even follow you live and send you pep-talks in real-time, although I feel that this might prove distracting while at the same time you’re dodging dogs with their tripwire leads and small runaway children. 

Chris from our Ad Ops team, an avid cyclist who will be cycling from Paris to Oxford in July for charity gives the reasons why he likes Endomondo and also what he doesn’t like; You can import GPX routes that you find on other websites and then convert them in to a route within the Endomondo site. It is then easy to download the route to your phone to follow.The phone interface is easy to navigate and you can export and share a route for other people to view and use as well. You can do this in many ways including Facebook.I like how after you have finished a training route you can then go online and it shows you the altitude and speed in which you have travelled and it breaks your times out by mile. 

What I don’t like about the app is that the GPX importer is very clunky and often doesn’t work. The /wp-content/uploads/files need to be in exactly the right format or it won’t upload. If they aren’t correct, you then need to convert the /wp-content/uploads/file into a format it does like. Also I find the web interface difficult to navigate through.



Hannah from our Finance team explains that her fitness app of choice is MyFitnessPal;

MyFitnessPal is good because not only does it give you an extremely wide range of exercises that you may or may not have tried but it also allows you to track your calorie intake throughout the week. You can create your own meals within the app and it will track your favourite items so that in future you don’t have to search for them. As well as this it also allows you to scan barcodes of products so it can collect all of the nutritional details directly from the manufacturer. If you like, you can set yourself a weekly goal and it will plot on easy to view graphs whether you’re below or above your target as the week commences. This allows you to adjust your eating and exercise habits to make sure that you’re on the right track to hitting your target. The only downfall with this app is that if you change your weight loss/weight gain target, it amends the previous week’s targets rather than being able to amend your targets on a week by week basis.


Although this one has not been tried and tested by anyone at Equi=Media yet, I thought it would be good to talk about one of the most unusual yet brilliant fitness apps out there.

Zombies, Run! Is available on the App Store and is arriving on Android this spring. The app drops runners directly into a zombie apocalypse and is designed as a narrative complement to the players running music. As you run you are instructed to pick up vital items along the way, these include bottles of water, clothes and batteries. During your missions you are randomly told “Warning: Zombies detected” which means only one thing, a zombie hoard is after you! Once this happens you will hear beeping which will increase as the zombies get closer. Your only way to survive is to increase your speed by 20%, if you can keep this speed up for up to one minute you’ll be safe.We’re going to give this one a go next!