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GAAC summit 2009: Day 2 Google Analytics (part one)

Written by Ryan | 16-Oct-2009 01:25:36

Day two got off to a flying start with an energetic talk by Avinash Kaushik. Avinash is the "Analytics Evengelist" at Google and as such his role is to challenge the product developers to continually deliver improvements to Google Analytics. Most of his session was spent highlighting all the great stuff that some new analytics tools around the world can now offer - essentially highlighting "weaknesses" in Google Analytics (GA). Everyone in the room knows however that these tools can be used to compliment GA and also help GA to evolve.

He certainly has a passion for this stuff and I am sure the product managers at Google have fun when he comes bounding over to their desk with a new idea!

The second session was incredibly valuable. Led by Phil Mui (Senior Product Manager) we were given an insight into new developments coming next week, next month and next year. All very exciting, but not that we can share here, due to confidentiality. What you can be sure of is that these improvements will enable Google Analytics specialists to provide more and more INSIGHTS, rather than just useful DATA. The need for a specialist to interpret the results remains - in fact becomes more important than ever.

The remaining sessions of the day covered a few case studies, which were thought provoking, and then more detailed talks on the developments to the tool. These include several developments which release certain restrictions currently in place and also make possible more advanced tagging solutions.

Day two should bring even more possibilities.