My time in the social team is coming to an end


My time in the social team is coming to an end ...

Having reached the end of my ninth week in the social team, my first three-month rotation as part of the two-year graduate scheme is almost over. The time has flown by and it will be strange joining a new team, especially after feeling like I’ve only been part of social for about five minutes!

As part of the social team and under the careful guidance of Claire Snook I have learnt a lot. Having really got involved with social posting for both equimedia and with some of our clients I now think in tweets and hashtags. I’ve enjoyed coming up with ideas and thinking outside the box for our clients’ foundation and campaign content, especially when some of those ideas are then pitched to the client.

Social Media Landscape


I think it’s safe to say that there is never a dull day in the social team. From writing content, creating slides, conducting research, blogging, social posting, helping create outreach lists and much more, every day is completely different.

A real highlight for me has been the excitement of a campaign. Watching a campaign develop and then go live has been a real buzz and something I’m really glad that I’ve been able to contribute towards. To see good results from work that you’ve contributed to has been really rewarding, especially when you can see the results in numbers (yes I love a statistic).

The social team has also taught me about tools that I’m now addicted to and can’t live without – these include Hashtagify, SproutSocial and Bitly. Additionally, the social team has inspired my love for Pinterest, especially the food recipes. It’s also been great to see how social media links to so many other aspects of digital marketing and the role it plays within these areas.

I will be very sad to leave the social team but am excited for my next placement and to learn something new.


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