Get Festive with Google+ Hangouts


Get Festive with Google+ Hangouts ...

Christmas is one of those times of year when you can start to build in some fun and humour to your social media strategy and show a little of your brand’s personality. Google+ hangouts offer a perfect way of doing this. If you’re not fully aware of all that Google+ hangouts have to offer, you’re missing out on opportunities to highlight your business and get a step ahead of your competitors in a fun and quirky way!

Here are some top tips to help you get your Google+ strategy in place for Christmas.

1. Video Call up to Eight People!

To decide how to structure your hangout you will first need to decide what the purpose is. Do you want to inform your customers or just grow your brand awareness?

Secondly, you can only broadcast with eight other individuals at a time so who would you like to invite? Adding an exclusive twist to the experience will make it more appealing but make sure you tailor the message to those you are delivering to.

Example Informative Opportunities

• Use the opportunity to reinforce the brand’s personality or create one. This could be a festive speech perhaps by the company’s mascot or even a CEO speech in a faux Queen’s Speech style
• Advocate transparency by inviting customers to a Q&A session
• Use the hangout to ask your customers what they want and crowdsource ideas
• Promote the launch of products online giving a 360 degree insight and first look experience
• Detailed how to use or do guides

Examples of Brand Awareness Techniques

• Games- hangouts can be accessed via mobiles so attendees needn’t be sitting at their PC- why not organise a local treasure hunt?
• Giveaways- always popular and a great opportunity to get some reviews if product specific bloggers are invited

2. Share Documents with the Group

Make sure that you share relevant documents if they are discussed. This could be something as simple as money saving vouchers or even just publicising your company’s opening times.

Sharing this information is not only helpful to your customers at the time of the hangout but will be saved to Google Docs for future use. If you decide to make these publicly available and share a link to the document on your website, they can be crawled and indexed so they appear in search results, which could generate more traffic for your site too.

3. Stream the Conversation in Real Time and Save to YouTube

Streaming the hangout allows more than just the initial eight attendees to feel a part of the experience- the only difference will be that they won’t be able to instantly involve themselves in the conversation.

Once you have held a hangout, it can be saved to your YouTube account where it can be watched in the same way as a regular YouTube video resulting in engaging, searchable content without requiring any additional time and effort.

This is a great way of creating content that continues to provide traffic and meet the needs of your customers without requiring additional time dedicated to it.

With proactive promotion before you actually host your hangout you can make sure you have a primed audience waiting to hear your Christmas message. Having chosen to participate they are already showing they’re interested in your product or services and the chances of conversion is high so use this to your advantage.

So, in short, remember to:

• Plan your hangout
• Promote your hangout
• Share docs publicly
• Stream the hangout so others can view the conversation even if they can’t join in
• Add to your YouTube channel to build an additional resource

Merry Christmas!!


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