Give Your Clients More Support, with the Power of Executive Reports


Give Your Clients More Support, with the Power of Executive Reports ...

If you use DoubleClick search as an agency or advertiser and you haven’t made use of executive reports yet, you are missing out on one of the key advantages of being a DoubleClick search customer. Executive reports are incredibly easy to set up and use, allowing you to report and trend any DoubleClick search data as frequently as your heart desires!

If you find yourself frequently exporting the same data from DoubleClick search, then executive reporting can help you save time by automating this data and sending it straight to your inbox, or straight to the client themselves! If you are always running the same report or downloading the same data from DoubleClick search, the chances are that you can do it through Executive Reports and schedule the output on a regular basis.

What are they?

Executive reporting within DoubleClick search is essentially a very well formatted export of your search data; you can output data in tabular format or in bar, pie or line charts. You get many of the same options available in the DoubleClick search interface, such as the comparison feature which gives you perspective on performance. You can also segment your data by device, day, network and labels.

You can create and start building your own executive reports by clicking on the tab at the top of the DoubleClick search interface –

  Image 1

Why use them?

One important advantage of executive reports is that they facilitate the use and reporting of formula columns. If (like us) you have bespoke metrics to report on, this feature is crucial. If you have tailored metrics such as average order value or average revenue per order and these are set up in DS, you can chart and measure these.

Scheduling – the scheduling and export feature of Executive Reports is another plus. You can schedule to output the reports daily, weekly, monthly and so on. If exported as an attachment, these can be sent to users who do not have DoubleClick access – which is ideal for sharing with the wider marketing team, managers or CEOs. At equimedia we use executive reports for a range of reporting, whether it’s a weekly dashboard, daily update or monthly summary. The reports can be exported in Excel or PDF format.

The date comparison feature in DS can also be used through Executive Reporting, allowing you to track monthly/weekly/daily or even bespoke time ranges, these changes can also be charted. Again, with the ease of sharing and scheduling you can use this to improve the visibility of Paid Search performance throughout the team and to other key stakeholders.

Chart and table creation within Executive Reporting is super easy and duplication of tables and charts couldn’t be easier. There are also a whole host of options available for slicing and dicing your data. In executive reporting you can segment your chart and table data by the following -

  • Device
  • Campaign
  • Account
  • Label
  • Search Engine

Some example charts and graphs from DoubleClick search executive reporting –

Image 2


Image 3                     Image 4


Image 5


Image 6

Other metrics that can be reported through Executive Reports –

  • Quality Score.
  • Impression Share metrics.
  • Floodlight conversions.
  • DS Formula columns.
  • Sitelink performance.
  • GA Data (inc Bounce Rate).

Keyword reports can also be output, according to criteria. Executive reports can allow you to output top performing keywords, poorest performing keywords, top spenders and so on. You can also run executive reports across multiple accounts, advertisers and agencies!

As previously mentioned, we create and schedule many client dashboards/reports using DoubleClick search executive reports. They are always well received, and clients are very happy that they have visibility of all their paid search performance. They serve a good purpose for marketing managers to take in to weekly update meetings and because of their versatility, they lend themselves to marketing team members of all levels. They can even be branded for all your clients!

You can find out more about executive reporting at Google Support. Otherwise, the best advice I can give is to get stuck in and see what reports you can produce!

If you want to know more about executive reporting and what we provide for our clients, give us a call.



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