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Gone Phishing…

Written by Mike | 02-Aug-2013 14:10:00

This morning whilst logging into Bing Ads to make some changes to one of our accounts we spotted an oddity on the Google paid search results that made us sit up and take notice.

The image below shows the 2 ads which at first don't seem to show anything out of the ordinary, but a closer look reveals what appears to be a phishing scam out ranking bings ads.

The domain is the first clue and looks very much like something you would receive in a spammy email… bingads-micro-soft-com.at.pn – We would not recommend browsing to this website due to the possible risks involved with phishing. The domain name TLD is for the Pitcairn Islands and at the time of writing resolves to another URLs subdomain (freimeiened.com). the main url is actually a page phishing for Adwords logins!

The suspect ad is also using the trademark symbol (® ) to add gravitas to their offering (mimicking further the ad below) but fails to use sitelinks or call extensions

The mobile landing page looks to be even more convincing as it is appearing in position 1 and dislodging the legitimate ad at all.

The landing page further ads to the phishing theory as it again is designed to mimic the Bing ads login page.

I think this shows 2 things.

  1. Even the big boys can be a target for the phishing scams
  2. Google need to lookout more for this type of activity and enforce more obvious trademark violations – even when it is affecting your number 1 rival!

We have contacted both bing and Google regarding this and we hope to see the offending site removed as soon as possible.

* We would reiterate the advice not to click on the links if you perform this search.*