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Google Ad Grant Account – AdWords For nonprofits

Written by Mark | 08-Jan-2015 15:59:00

At equimedia we are no strangers to working with non-profit clients in the charity sector. A variety of clients utilise our expertise across different sectors including, but not limited to, environmental, animal and health related charitable causes. 

Our non-profit clients, from a paid search point of view, benefit from the Ad Grants programme supplied by Google, allowing free AdWords advertising. Google provides a daily budget of $330 (around $10,000 per month) to spend within the AdWords account, providing that the account is promoting mission-based ads and keywords, as well as meeting other criteria. We ensure our clients make the most out of this free AdWords advertising in tune with their objectives and marketing goals. Whether that be awareness building of their brand, getting people to sign up to their fundraising events, selling tickets, engaging with existing members or delivering incremental memberships, adoptions, donations or sponsorships.



A step up from this grant is also available in the form of Grantspro status. This is reserved for accounts that meet the eligibility criteria and have had their pro application accepted. This offers an additional $30,000 spend per month, giving a total of $40,000 of free AdWords advertising!

We have helped a number of clients reach the Grantspro status. One non-profit client working in the environmental sector has gone from strength to strength in recent quarters.



When the standard grant account was taken over by equimedia, the client wasn’t fully utilising the free advertising available, underinvesting against the $330 daily budget. This is not ideal since the allocated budget will not rollover across days or months, meaning anything that isn’t invested in the 24 hour period is a lost opportunity. 

After intelligent keyword expansion and optimisation work, we were soon able to maximise this opportunity each day, while maintaining strong CTRs, putting us in a strong position to apply for Grantspro. We did so at the first opportunity and, after a fairly quick decision process from Google, established we had been accepted. We instantly saw more traffic being driven to the website coupled with incremental conversions and were as delighted as the client. 

The graph below shows the grant account investment throughout 2014, picking up after our initial expansion work and again when accepted on to Grantspro. Since being accepted, we have been able to expand the account further, including tactical campaigns around the work the charity does as well as introducing a lot more brand awareness work. 



With the additional budget available we have been able to drive 180% more volume to the client website, allowing more reach for the brand and ability for them to convey their message across. The criterion to maintain Grantspro, such as the CTR target and keeping the ads mission-based, means we must ensure this additional traffic remains relevant to the charity aims.  

In turn this has accounted for additional revenue for the charity and a good conversion rate in terms of KPIs. This includes 100% uplift in donations and 100x more newsletter sign-ups since our successful application, all of which goes towards funding worthwhile projects the charity undertakes. We will be looking to improve upon this work further in 2015, refining our expansions to continue delivering as much value as we can from the $40,000 worth of free click traffic. 

This demonstrates how we make the most of the tools provided by Google at equimedia and the impact that they can have for non-profits. We are seeing similar success stories from other clients and look forward to helping others grow in the same way through 2015. Please read through our PPC case studies, or get in contact with us to find out how we can help improve your paid search performance today.