Google AdWords image extensions initial results!


Google AdWords image extensions initial results! ...

There has been significant excitement around the launch of the new image extensions in AdWords. Having moved quickly and set up this beta early we are now able to share some interesting “in the wild” early results.

What we have learnt in the initial testing period is that CTR in the presence of image extensions was 135% higher than in the absence of image extensions. What a fantastic result!

The most important thing to acknowledge is that Google is increasing the visibility of this beta slowly and not every ad impression will include image extensions. We have seen this grow from 1.75% to 3.8% of ad impressions for the Panasonic Toughbook UK account in recent weeks.

It is not only the team here at equimedia who are delighted, but the client is understandably pleased too:

“We are delighted to be running the image ad extensions beta with equimedia. We are seeing some fantastic initial results as we further engage with our audience”
Rebecca May
Regional Marketing Manager - UK & Ireland Toughbook Group

See the full range of Panasonic Toughbook products here.
For further information about our relationship with Panasonic Toughbook.

How to Analyse Performance of AdWords Image Extensions

If you are able to join the beta test and set up image extensions you can establish how many impressions/clicks/conversions have occurred in the presence of the extension by segmenting your campaign / adgroup data in AdWords by “click type”

You will then see the various click types

Where the mysterious “blank” click type is present is where you will find stats for your image extensions.

Don't forget to look at our initial blog on this beta launch. Please find another excellent read on the beta guidelines and some more initial thoughts


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