Google Analytics Using Universal Analytics Tracking Code


Google Analytics Using Universal Analytics Tracking Code ...

With the imminent arrival of Universal Analytics and inevitable rollout into the analytics world, it is interesting to note that Google themselves are currently employing this new analytics tagging on their very own Google Analytics web application. From looking at the screenshot, those that have not previously witnessed the new tags can now gain a glimpse into the future of Google Analytics tagging:

Currently in public open beta, Universal Analytics is set to introduce a set of features that change the way data is typically collected and organised within a Google Analytics account.

Universal Analytics will allow websites to gather more data types and improve the quality of this data – providing a better understanding of the interaction that site users have with any given organisation, both onsite and off. This is a very exciting and evolutionary time for data analysis and equimedia are excited about how this development will help further our current analytics efforts.

The table below illustrates some tantalising differences between the old “Classic” analytics and the new Universal Analytics:

Online / offline data sync stands out as being a key feature for the future along with Multi-platform tracking. Universal Analytics certainly seems to be a milestone in the analytics industry, for more information on Universal Analytics please visit the Google Universal Analytics help pages.


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