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Google Buys Wildfire

Written by Jodi | 02-Aug-2012 16:21:36

News that Google has acquired social media management platform Wildfire Interactive has surfaced in the last couple of days. Google have not yet disclosed the amount they paid for Wildfire who manage social media marketing for brands such as Virgin, Spotify and Amazon but AllThingsD's Peter Kafka's sources tell him that it was for around $250 million.

A quote by Jason Millier from Google's official blog explains;

"With Wildfire, we're looking forward to creating new opportunities for our clients to engage with people across all social services. We believe that better content and more seamless solutions will help unlock the full potential of the web for people and businesses."

Now that Wildfire have joined Google, Google will be bringing extra social media functionality to its products, for example; by being able to provide advanced software and services to brands who want to run promotions, games and contents etc. on Google+ and as Jason Miller explains; to help Google users "manage their pages, apps, tweets, videos, sponsorships, ads, promotions and more, all in one place."