Google Caffeine update is complete


Google Caffeine update is complete ...

In August last year we told you all about the Google caffeine update whereby the search giants asked for feedback from the web development community on the improvements they were planning to make to the way they crawled and indexed content on the web. These updates have been rolling out since early in the new year and Google is now proudly announcing this update is now complete.

Now don’t be mistaken, this is not a ranking update (the recent mayday update is a ranking based update, please see further blog entries) where your rankings for specific keywords in the serps change, but an indexing change, meaning that the amount of content and the speed at which content is indexed has been improved.

As content on the web grew phenomenally quickly Google was struggling to find and index all the fresh new content and serve it to users via the search results pages, so users were seeing old and out of date content for queries where actually there was fresher content available.

The new system allows Google to find new content quickly and serve it to searchers much more efficiently than previously.

Equi=Media have always stressed that content is the key to success in driving natural traffic and encouraged our clients to grow content in a meaningful way for users, now Google can keep up with your content updates and ensure this content is served to users via the search results.

This is great for users as you will offered fresh content in the search results pages and rewarding for those websites who invest in keeping content as up to date as possible.


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