Customer Match: The future of PPC


Customer Match: The future of PPC ...

So it’s finally here…. Google have released a product that lets you marry up some personal identifiable information (email addresses) with Paid Search activity. We recently reached ‘Back to the Future Day’ (for those of you familiar with the film) and with this announcement from Google many PPC gurus will feel like they’ve jumped into a DeLorean and fast forwarded to the not too distant future in an instant!

Customer match allows you to upload your customers’ email addresses (providing they have opted in and agreed to third party sharing) into AdWords and target them separately in a similar fashion to RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads). Google then matches these email addresses to users that are signed in to Google products such as Google Search, YouTube or Gmail. When a user is matched based on their email address your strategy takes over. Google are claiming a 50-60% match rate which is higher than the Facebook equivalent.

We can now apply user email lists much like we do for RLSA.

remarketing list - Google customer match

There are many different ways you can use Customer Match, it’s not just a case of targeting users, the email lists can be used as exclusions if you are only concerned with generating new customers. Using the email lists in a negative fashion allows you to reduce wastage. As well as this you may wish to just increase your Max CPC’s to these users as they are deemed more valuable to you and familiar with your brand (therefore more inclined to convert!).

But probably the biggest opportunity is serving them tailored copy. Depending on how you segment your email addresses you can start to serve them very specific PPC ad copy. If you offer Car Insurance, for example, you could upload all the email addresses of users who have 1 month left on their policy and serve them an ad that encourages them to renew their policy and sends them directly to a renewal page rather than the new policy page (to which your normal activity sends traffic).

Many advertisers will be keen to utilise this tool but they should consider it is restricted on certain verticals at the moment. Advertisers must also clearly outline that their data is shared with third party sources on their privacy policy page. One other requirement which needs to be provided upon uploading the email list is an opt-out link which users can use to opt-out of communications. This will be accessible to users when they select ‘why am I seeing this ad?’ in the search engine response page.

You can read more about Customer Match here

Here at equimedia we feel Customer Match will be a very powerful tool for our clients in a range of different ways be it reducing wastage, driving new customers and driving repeat purchasers or renewals. We have already started implementing it for our clients; if you think customer match could benefit you as a business and would like some help getting started give our new business team a call on 01793 715 440.


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