Google Drops "Rotate Evenly" Setting


Google Drops "Rotate Evenly" Setting ...

Google announced earlier this week in the AdWords blog that there were changes being made to the Ad rotation settings. Starting next week ads will no longer rotate indefinitely. They will after 30 days default to the “optimise for clicks” option.

While Google claims “This change will enable us to provide users with the most relevant ad experience and should help advertisers improve the performance of their AdWords accounts” many from the advertising community have been less than impressed. 

The change has been referred to as “the worst change”, “ridiculous” and “extremely disappointing” amongst many other negative sentiments.

The main reason behind the outcry is that any good advertiser will have followed AdWords best practise to increase the relevancy of their ads.  To achieve this they will have structured their accounts in a granular fashion, exploited all the longer tail keywords and written bespoke, keyword rich copy variations, all in tightly themed adgroups. As a result they will have likely produced an account with more adgroups and smaller adgroups.

The nature of smaller adgroups is that they do not necessarily deliver sufficient traffic volumes over a 30 day period to draw robust conclusions from copy that is being tested in rotation. The rotate functionality would have previously allowed these smaller tests to run until significant results thus conclusions could be drawn.

Defaulting to “optimise for clicks” has been branded by some as “greedy” Google tactics. However there will be some advertisers who do not follow AdWords best practise. For the users of ads from those advertisers the changes will likely improve their experience and thus the advertiser performance will likely improve too. 

The lazy AdWords professional will potentially benefit most from this change and therefore this could well be seen as a sharp implement in the back to the proactive PPC professionals out there.


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