Google Glass meets equimedia


Google Glass meets equimedia ...

So this happened yesterday…

Wes rockin' Google Glass
My colleagues were in as much shock as I was when I walked into the office wearing Google Glass. I couldn’t believe it myself when our developer handed me the pair to try out. Working in digital marketing you’d like to think you’ll be presented with the opportunity to wear them, however I didn’t think that time would be now!

It wasn’t long before everyone in the office was putting them on, and a Mexican wave of “OK Glass” began to move from desk to desk.

There was a real mixture of reviews and interesting points raised around the product, and how it may shape up in the future; after all it’s still a prototype. It’s safe to say everyone in the office is excited to play around with it more, and there’s sure to be lots more discussions around the capabilities of ‘Glass’.

We’ll be bringing you more content in the coming days on the big technological step that is ‘Glass’ and our experiences of it.

From a social media perspective I’d be interested to see how content is displayed, how easy it is to interact with posts and tweets, and how seamlessly Glass will integrate with other platforms.

In the meantime, can you spot the odd one out…? 

The equimedia team putting Google Glass through its paces


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