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Google improves people search service and includes "follow" links

Written by Natalie | 24-Apr-2009 13:33:02

Everyone has searched for their own name on Google at some point. Even your current or potential employers use Google to research employees, but with the new and improved Google profiles facility you can have a some control over your personal organic search result.

Google profiles have been around for a while but the detail you can use to build your profile has been expanded.  The main feature which particularly interests us is the “my links” feature, where you can list links to a number of websites of your choice.

Any links which you choose to use, or those suggested by Google when you set up your personal profile do not have a “no follow” attribute or any other similar blocking techniques applied.  They are currently straight forward links which pass PageRank.  No doubt as this becomes widely exploited Google will place “no follows” on these links, but in the short term this is great way to build free links to your website, imagine if all your employees created a profile and linked back to your website.

If your personal name is also your small business brand name, creating a profile can be really beneficial, especially if you have only recently set up your website. It gives you another opportunity to get yourself listed in the organic search results or maybe you want to counterbalance unflattering information that somebody else set live on the web. Although personal reputation management is another matter entirely, Google profiles give you the chance to speak for yourself.  

However, some names are quite common and if you have a popular name I would strongly advise you complete your profile with as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing with not only Google but the rest of the web too. Only four profiles will be listed in the results and if you want to make sure yours is there, then the more info that is available from your profile, the more likely your name is to appear in the results.