Google Instant Search


Google Instant Search ...

As we all wait with baited breath for today’s big Google announcement rumours are spreading that the big news will be the eagerly awaited Instant Search. This allows the results to be updated on-the-fly as you type your query.

The link to test out dynamically updated results can be found here

Google seem to have whipped up the usual media frenzy by leaving little hints about the upcoming announcement by adding new Google Doodles including the one which updates the main logo as you type. This has now been taken down so it will be interesting to see which doodle greets us and the announcement.

The big question remains and that is how this will affect those of us in search marketing – Results and ads changing as you type has all kinds of implications for impression volumes and I’m sure questions that will need to be addressed once the frenzy of tweeting and retweeting has died down and the press released is pawed over by the masses.


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