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Google Multi Channel Funnels

Written by Jonathan | 25-Aug-2011 16:08:35

Google today have introduced a new conversion feature called Multi-Channel Funnels. Typically up until now Google Analytics has only reported on last click conversions but Multi-Channel Funnels is a set of five new reports that aim to give Webmasters insight into conversion path over a 30 day period.

Not only will you get the traditional conversion information. You will now be able to see the numbers of assisted conversions on your site:

The new set of reports should now allow sites to report on how clicks from different traffic mediums affect overall campaign performance. This information can be found in the top conversion paths report.

For example we will now be able to have a greater understanding the affect paid search has on organic search and vice versa. In addition if campaign tracking has been set up for display, email and social media, we will also be able to see how these affect conversion.

To set up multichannel funnels you will need to have the following features enabled in Google Analytics:

  • Goals and E-Commerce Reporting will need to be enabled
  • AdWords will also need to be linked Analytics
  • If you traffic campaigns through other media, these will have to be tagged with _utm campaign tracking variables

If you log in today you should see data going back the last two months, there are also advanced new features like conversion segments and channel groupings for more in-depth analysis.

Conversion segments allow you to segment and analysis particular conversion paths in reports. There are nine default options and there is also the option to create your own user defined conversion segments.

By default channel groupings relate to the traffic mediums that are shown in reports.

There is however scope to set up more advanced labels with different conditions and rules. For example you could create a channel based on a particular creative and see if over time this increases brand conversion.

Finally there are also reports on time lag and path leg interactions to give an indication of the time lag and conversion value in relation to conversions and conversion value.

If you want to learn more about Multi Channel Funnels or want to find out if your site is set up correctly to get the most out of these reports please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're happy to have a look and let you know our thoughts!