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Google - Pander to the Penguin

Written by Andrew | 30-Apr-2013 15:52:00

There is a lot of noise about a forthcoming penguin update. Why all the worry? If you are implementing good, solid best practice SEO solutions that meet Google’s search quality guidelines surely you can only win?

It's important to remember that Google are rewarding quality seo and quality sites, and penalising those sites that do not measure up to the current best practice criteria.

It’s simple - if your site has benefited from participating in any form of manipulative link building, you will probably be penalised sooner or later. You need to understand the risks!

To get the best outcome follow bet practice and consider how Google's stated strategy might impact on future SERPS outputs - the role of social via mobile channels ( over time ) might feature in your thinking.

The "notifications" emanating from Google (people such as Matt Cutts ) and the industry does suggest that the next iteration will be draconian - perhaps also giving those not following best practice the push to get their house in order - inaction will potentially lead to a dramatic outcome.

So check your webmaster and seo team are following best practices and perhaps if you are not already doing so - pander to the penguin!