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Google Tag Manager ...

Google have just announced a new tagging solution set to handle all your tagging needs, helping to simplify the sometimes arduous tagging process.

The Google Tag manager is a free tool that allows direct control of tag implementation on any website. Instead of having to wait for Double Click or Google Analytics tags to be implemented, these tags can now be deployed straight away. Once a Tag Manager container snippet has been added to a website and a Tag Manager account setup, then no more manual tagging is ever needed again. All future tags can be added, amended or removed through the Tag Manager interface.

We at equimedia believe this could drastically improve efficiency in implementing tags across a website, essentially removing the development cog in the process. Managing tags will also remove the common problem of redundant or incorrectly applied tags which results in a distorted and inaccurate measurement of data – something that costs both time and money to resolve. Google Tag Manager eliminates these problems not just for Google based tags but for All tags.

For more information visit the Google Tag Manager website:


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