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Google tests images in paid search ads

Written by Rosie | 14-Aug-2009 11:19:16

This week, we have seen a shift in the future of search marketing. Yesterday, Google announced that it was seeking an alternative to keyword based search advertising - looking at matching information about your product or service and automatically building ads based on crawling your website. Only 24 hours later, search results in the US are seeing product results appearing instead of the normal sponsored links.

Google says:

“The name for what you’re seeing is the AdWords Product Plusbox beta. This is a new feature being tested that allows AdWords advertisers to display multiple product offerings to potential customers with just one ad on Google.com. These products are being pulled from the advertiser’s Google Base feed. This beta is currently limited.”

Could this be the future of search advertising? For the retail market, this could be the breakthrough that search needs, exact product results for your query. The test is currently a very limited beta, it will be interesting to see how this feature develops in the upcoming weeks.

[The screen grab above was taken by Al Scillitani and can be seen on his blog here].