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Highlights from Digital Futures 2015

Written by Tiffany | 21-Dec-2015 10:40:00

For the past couple of years we’ve been holding “Digital Futures” events for senior marketing professionals. They provide great opportunities for like-minded professionals to come together from a mix of industry sectors to look at what’s new in digital marketing and how they might be incorporated into their future marketing plans.

We’ve taken a look back to come up with our A to Z Guide of digital innovation and asked a few members of staff who have taken part in these events to pick their favourites.

Digital out of home advertising

I’m going to start the ball rolling…. Back in April, I blogged about some of our favourite examples of
DOOH advertising and looking at some of the innovative ways companies have used this channel during our events always gets discussions flowing. Whether you’ve been drawn in by Gary Linekar for a bag of Walkers crisps by a bus shelter, or you couldn’t help looking up at the British Airways flight taking off, this advertising delivers a unique experience - one that isn’t quickly forgetten.

As the digital share of out of home advertising exceeds 20%, and opportunities for real-time outdoor advertising increases, it’s only realistic to expect to see more examples cropping up in the months to come.

Emoji marketing

For Stacey, it was emoji marketing that caught her eye, in particular the way in which charities have started to use them to tell stories and engage with people across social networks. The WWF campaign to raise awareness of endangered species was a great way to demonstrate how this engagement could also lead to donations. As a first truly global language, other charities at our events found this emoji marketing tool interesting and were keen to look at ways they could incorporate this into their campaigns.

What’s the story being told here…

Password replacements

Safety conscious Jamie was intrigued by the number of new mobile banking authentication techniques. With slight concerns over the selfie password option, there was definitely more widespread appeal with biometrics.

Voice, fingerprint and Iris recognition used in conjunction with mobile apps, may well be seen as the prominent way customers will be identifying themselves before the end of the decade. As industry sectors try to keep pace with the rapid change of technology innovation, it is imperative digital marketers do similar.

Programmatic advertising

This area has seen significant growth in the past year and now accounts for more than half of the UK display advertising market. At our events, we’ve looked at the next phase of programmatic, TV synchronisation. Charlotte,head of our media team, sees programmatic TV as the next great opportunity for display advertising for brands of all sizes. This new technology has the ability to monitor TV ads airing in real time which can be used to tie in with paid search to trigger tailored ads to mobile devices. With increasing numbers of households watching internet-connected TV and people dual screening, we are better equipped to interrogate, and use, big data, to identify increasingly smart ways to target customers with the right message for the right product at exactly the right time.

Digital marketing for retailers

Social media and new iBeacon technology has led the way for digital innovation for today’s retailers. Kathryn has combined these two areas for her favourite innovations in this sector. With the growth of digital channels, you can be forgiven for thinking the high street is almost becoming a no man’s land. What’s great with new innovation and our events, is that we look at the new ways retailers are starting to use technology to their advantage and drive footfall to stores.

For social media, we’ve seen the likes of Burberry and Co-Op Electrical start to use Snapchat – from previewing new products to sharing time limited offers. The iBeacon technology uses Bluetooth technology to pick up potential customers who are nearby and could be directly targeted with reasons for visiting the store – grabbing a coffee, redeeming a voucher or taking advantage of a special “today only”offer.

Both these platforms provide ideal ways to interact with customers and engage with them to encourage store footfall, and of course sales. As more high street retailers get on board and gain confidence in using these new channels, we can expect to see increasingly innovative ways of driving retail footfall.

The events are never short of innovations to talk about and it’s great when you can explore opportunities businesses could potential incorporate into their digital marketing strategy. You can browse the full A to Z guide below:

Digital innovations 2015 from equimedia

Alternatively why not come along to one of our
Digital Futures events – our full programme is now open for bookings. In the meantime, let us know what has been your favourite digital innovation and how you think it will best benefit businesses.