How the RSPB and equimedia are giving nature a home


How the RSPB and equimedia are giving nature a home ...

“The places that nature calls home, where it raises a family and finds food, are being destroyed, exploited and polluted. Of the 6,000 British species assessed recently, more than one in 10 are under threat of disappearing from our shores altogether”

To help promote this issue the RSPB launched a new campaign calling for “a million homes to be built to end the housing crisis.” The Giving Nature a Home campaign aims to encourage gardeners to create better wildlife habitats in their gardens.

To support the campaign the RSPB launched their new tv ad ( and equimedia have worked closely with the RSPB to create an online campaign presence using targeted media and rich media creative messaging;

Online video creative

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Suggested posts within Facebook

RSPB image

Here at equimedia we also wanted to do our part so we set about joining up and creating homes for nature in the office garden….

Tailored ideas for the office garden through

RSPB animal pledge

Pledging to feed garden birds and build a bug box at equimedia

RSPB activity wall

Sharing what we propose to do through our social networks 


Giving bugs a home at equimedia

Rachel Ladybird BoxLadybird Box

Feeding the birds at equimedia

Birdfeed closeBirdfeed far

And finally not forgetting to let RSPB know that we’ve completed our pledges

Equimedia bug boxEquimedia birdfeed

Share my progress

Over the upcoming months we will keep our eyes peeled for signs of new nature in the office garden, we will be sure to send an update when we find something interesting!

To help support the rspb in their campaign to give nature a home please visit their website at

Alternatively join the RSPB to support their continued work at




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