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How to export more than 500 rows in Google Analytics

Written by Jonathan | 12-Dec-2012 17:31:00

This Christmas we’ve decided to give you a tip that keeps giving and giving. As we’re sure you know it’s not uncommon for GA users to want to export more than 500 records of data but the folks at Google haven’t made it easy. This step by step guide will show you how to get out any number of records saving you the user a load of data export misery.

Step 1

Navigate to the report.

Step 2

Make a note of the total number of rows.

Step 3

Change the Show Rows selector to 25

Step 4

Navigate to the location bar. (Shortcut CTRL + L)

Step 5

Move the cursor to the end of the URL. (Shortcut: end)

Step 6

Find the table.rowCount%3D25/ parameter.

Step 7

Change the value of parameter from 25 to the value you made a note of in step 2 and hit Enter.

Step 8

Have some mince pies and sherry at hand if the value is a large number!

Step 9

Export as normal.

Tip 2 Excel Paste Special Keyboard Shortcut

As part two of our Christmas time saving features we’ve decided to share a super Excel tip that even Santa’s elves would be proud of.

Once you’re in Excel all you have to do is select and copy the data you want to use as normal but instead of using the regular paste keyboard shortcut we’re going to use something a little more sophisticated!

Instead of using the regular Ctrl+V paste shortcut we’re going to hit Alt+E+S. This three button sequence is enough to bring up the paste special dialogue box.

This on its own is fairly cool but you can take this shortcut to the next level by adding in a third keystroke and enter.

Alt+E+S+F = Paste Formulae
Alt+E+S+V = Paste Values
Alt+E+S+T = Paste Formats
Alt+E+S+W = Paste Widths
Alt+E+S+E = Transpose

This should hopefully save you a little time and hopefully this good deed will get us on the right side of Santa’s naughty and nice list!

Bonus Shortcut – Format Cells

To format cells quickly use Ctrl+1 to bring up the format cells dialogue box and use Ctrl+Page Up
and Ctrl+Page Down to navigate between tabs.