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How to make the new-fangled wonders that are cake pops for Christmas office bake offs!

Written by Hannah | 21-Dec-2013 11:00:00

There are a few different ways to make cake pops. Some use the silicon moulds that you can put the perfect amount of sponge into, or some mix it up and make a normal sponge, of your choice, and then use icing to combine the crumbled cake into little round balls and then dip away. In my opinion the latter is a much more fun, and even messier way to make them!

1. Find a sponge recipe of your choice (I went for red velvet as it is a personal favourite), and then make as the recipe states. I used this recipe

2. I also made the cream cheese and white chocolate frosting from the above recipe, however, you can use any butter icing for cake pops.

3. Once the cake has cooled (this is a must as I found out!) you can then crumble it up into breadcrumbs:  This blog explains this beautifully

4. Combine small handfuls of sponge with icing and roll into a ball, be aware of making them too big though, as they can be too top heavy for the sticks and heads can roll… off(!)

5. Once you have the balls ready, dunk the end of a stick (you can buy these from any supermarket now), into some melted chocolate, and then put it into the ball about halfway. 

6. If you have something to stand the sticks up in (a polystyrene tray works well but if not just put them into a plastic container), and pop into the freezer for about 20-30 minutes.

7. Meanwhile, melt some chocolate; I used both white and milk so that I could do a variety of decorations. Just pop the chocolate into a tall glass that is wide enough to dunk the pops into, with enough chocolate to fully ‘dunk’ them in one go. It’s best to let the chocolate cool a bit, so that it doesn’t run too much when on the pops.

8. Once the pops have been in the freezer and feel suitably ‘safe’ on the sticks, dunk away!

9. Let the excess drip off and then place them into either Styrofoam, or if you don’t have that to hand (who does?! except Blue Peter) then pop them into a champagne or wine glass!

10. It is vital to decorate the pops while the chocolate is still warm, so that features such as top hats (rolos and buttons) and antlers (chocolate pretzels) stick well.

11. Leave to cool overnight in the fridge (and grab a well-earned glass of wine!)

12. Once cooled, decorate with icing for eyes, noses, hats, whatever you fancy, and hey presto you have Christmas Cake Pops!