Ok Google – How do I optimise my search campaigns for voice search?


Ok Google – How do I optimise my search campaigns for voice search? ...

We know Paid Search moves at a fast pace and the landscape is constantly shifting. Usually this is down to algorithm changes or product releases. But now we are seeing it change because of user behaviour, which for an agency can be harder to detect. Changes in user behaviour aren’t outlined to us in newsletters or product updates – they are only unearthed as we optimise and scrutinise our accounts in great detail.

Google voice search

Run search query reports

One of the first things we do when we on-board new accounts is run a search query report. This report from Google shows us the queries which trigger our ads. They help us to identify keywords we don’t have in our accounts, or negative keywords which lead to greater efficiency. Our PPC team run search query reports on a weekly basis across all accounts to ensure we are on top of search trends. We are constantly expanding our keyword sets with the most relevant terms to improve the performance of our clients’ accounts.

Year of the mobile continues

We all know 2015 was the year of the mobile and 2016, 2017 and 2018 will probably be labelled the same but the fact is that searching on your mobile is now more commonplace and covers a much broader audience than ever! With mobile search comes the ability to voice search and it’s a far cry from what it used to be. The search engines of 2015 are far more advanced and intelligent and therefore they have started to influence how we search.
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We ask our new friends about everything

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Siri, Cortana, and OK Google – these guys are our friends now. We tend to ask them everything from how to get somewhere, how to cook a meal, how to get a mortgage or even how to diagnose our medical concerns. We talk to them and ask them questions much like we would our friends and this has had an effect on the search queries we are seeing in our reports.

Conversation-based queries

We’ve seen a steady and slow rise of ‘conversation-based queries’ and there are far more searches for ‘where can I find the best car insurance’ now than there were even a year ago, for example. 

Using Google voice search

Because we are ‘talking’ to the search engines, the queries we see are changing from ‘best car insurance’ to ‘where can I find the best car insurance’

So, in our PPC team we need to ensure we are best placed to serve our ads for these relevant conversation based queries. Most of the time ads will be showing because of our expansive keyword sets and granular account structures, but there’s always room for improvement!

What we are now doing is carrying out expansions in our accounts to capture this voice search traffic. Adding these conversation type searches in to our accounts means we can get these clicks at a lower cost and focus on getting our clients even more conversions with leftover budgets!

Many of the conversation-based voice search queries we are seeing tend to follow a certain pattern. As the user seems to be asking Google a question, some of the most frequent examples we are seeing are:

  • Where can I….
  • What’s the best…
  • What is my….
  • How can I….
  • How to….
  • It’s important we stay ahead of trends and the digital curve - and we pride ourselves on doing so! The analysis we carry out on our accounts is at the heart of what we do and helps us to identify changes in our users’ behaviour and the products we use. We will continue to build for the mobile future and beyond!



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