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IAB Mobile Engage: Near Field Communication

Written by Ryan | 15-Jun-2011 15:10:28

NFC favoured as most promising emerging mobile technology among mobile marketers at the IAB's Mobile Engage conference

In an audience panel, NFC (Near Field Communications) was voted as the most promising mobile technology, beating QR codes and Augmented Reality, at the IAB's most recent Mobile Engage conference.

NFC is a Technology which, when integrated with a mobile phone, allows interaction between offline and online elements of a campaign. It's has many uses, some examples of which have already been deployed in select markets;

Payment mechanism: allowing users to ditch their credit and debit cards and pay through their mobile phone
Voucher redemption: making it easy for customers to save and use coupons and loyalty cards in-store
Response mechanism: RFID chips can be placed on advertising/product packaging as a call to action for brand interaction

In addition to this, the introduction of internet enabled techniques into offline transactions presents an opportunity to measure in-store sales back to a previous online or offline interaction. This has been difficult to accurately measure to date, and will be incredibly valuable to marketeers.

With retargeting forming a crucial part of display strategies, it's difficult not to be excited about the potential opportunities an offline connection could bring. A few possibilities the technology could allow, if offline data could be incorporated into digital planning;

  • The ability to measure the impact of search and display on offline sales
  • Offline transactions on mobile devices could help companies build a database of targetable offline customers through online channels
  • Customers could be targeted based on both online and offline interactions in online activity
  • Automated couponing and targeted online ads could be deployed based on online and offline purchasing behaviour

Visit http://www.google.com/wallet/vision.html for more information on Google Wallet, Google's vision of NFC.