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Insight led website development

Written by Ryan | 15-Oct-2010 15:52:30

The Conversion team here at Equi=Media are continually examining Analytics data to seek opportunities for improvements to our Clients' websites. A recent example of the success of this can be seen with Petplan and some quick fixes that we rolled out to the site to improve user journeys.

To increase the Insight we obtain from the site we implemented Google site search within the header of the site. This was subsequently set up to be tracked through into the Clients web analytics package. After only a few days it was clear that the majority of visitors were searching for "Claims" related information. This was not unexpected, because the main objective of the site is for new customer acquisition, so prominence of pages for claims related information has not been a priority previously.

We were due to implement drop down navigation functionality for the website anyway, so we took this Insight and ensured that the "Make a Claim" section is given prominence through this feature. Since this has gone live, the volume of claims related searches within the search bar has dropped significantly.

A significantly improved user journey delivered through analytics Insight and improved website design.