Instagram launch new 'Instagram Reels'


Instagram launch new 'Instagram Reels'

Instagram Reels is an all new video feature that you should be utilising to reach a wider audience. But what Instagram Reels and how can this new feature help your brand?

What is Instagram Reels?

Reels is Instagram’s answer to TikTok, a short video sharing feature within the platform, allowing you 15 seconds to get across your message. You can do this using your own voice as a narration, include text or add in a 15 second music clip from Instagram’s extensive library.

Your Reels will be uploaded to your profile and shared with your current followers, as well as new accounts through your use of hashtags and if you are featured on Instagram’s Explore page. You can use these 15 seconds to showcase your brand however you would like, with a fun song, a 15 second speech about your company or with quick cuts showcasing what you can offer.


Why should you use Instagram Reels and how can it help your social media presence?

The advantage of this feature right now is that it is new. Instagram’s algorithm is going to be putting a lot into making this work and making sure this content is boosted. By jumping on this sooner rather than later, you’ll be giving your brand an advantage to stand out. By creating Reels you are showing your audience you are up to date with new trends and features and keep your social media active and entertaining.

Video content is becoming more and more popular and is generally the preferred method of consumed media due to its fast and easy nature of presenting information. This makes a 15-second Reel the perfect medium to test video out on.


How will you reach new audiences with Reels?

This feature adds a new tab to your Instagram profile; now next to your grid you have your Reels alongside your IGTV videos. In this space you can view any account’s recent Reels and interact with them within their accounts. The Reels can also be found through the use of relevant hashtags and if the content is deemed good enough, as a feature on the Explore page. If you are featured on the Explore page, Instagram will notify you and your video will get a badge letting you know.

Currently we aren’t seeing much in the way of analytics for this new feature, so it’s hard to see where exactly your engagement is coming from, but hopefully this will be a tool Instagram will add soon. For now though you can view likes, comments and how many views your video has had.


How to get started with Reels?

Creating a Reel is as easy as you want it to be. Just swipe across to where you would usually create your story and instead click the Reels option at the bottom of the page. You can then film short clips and edit them together, one long 15 second clip or upload footage from your camera roll. You are also able to add in fun effects, text and use music from Instagram’s library, which has an extensive list of popular choices.

You can use lots of short clips to make one 15 second video; this works well to add variety to your video and create some really engaging content. This also means you can edit the video together to make it exactly right for your audience. Commonly this type of video is used to add a bit of humour to your account. Reels aren’t taken too seriously, so you shouldn’t treat them that way either. Have fun with what you’re creating and make something both you and your audience will enjoy.

Don’t forget to write a short, snappy and engaging caption and add in your 30 hashtags. This is how you reach as many users as possible with your Reel. Once you have done all of that, you should be good to go! You can save Reels as a draft to go back to and post later at an optimum time, or you can post then and there. You are also able to customise a cover image, which you can create in an external app if you wish.

We hope this guide to Reels outlines the basics of this new feature. As with any new tool, we’re sure many changes will be made in the coming future. We have our fingers crossed for analytical tools and the ability to add an in-app voice over that doesn’t need to be added as you go.

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