Is the Road to Hell Paved with Google Ad Suggestions?


Is the Road to Hell Paved with Google Ad Suggestions? ...

What are they?

Google recommend having 3-5 ads in an ad group, as they have found that having more ads improves performance. The theory here being that having more high-quality ads in an ad group gives AdWords more options to match the ideal message to the search, when ad rotation is set to optimize. In some cases, it can be difficult to construct so many ads, especially when your account structure is very granular or after multiple rounds of copy testing you feel like you have already tried every piece of ad copy you can think of...

Ad Suggestions is here to help! From the 29th April 2018, AdWords will be automatically creating ads and suggesting them to you, using information from existing ads, ad extensions, relevant information on the landing page, keywords, and targeting signals. We have seen this starting early in some of our accounts – so you may find that your account has also experienced this.

Where can I find them?

Ad suggestions can be found on the recommendations page in AdWords. From here the advertiser will be able to: edit, pause, or remove ads. They will be contained in the recommendations for 14 days, after which point they will be enabled.

There is no guarantee that AdWords will be able to generate ad suggestions for your account, but if they do then you will find your account is limited to no more than 50 suggested ads more week. Ad suggestions will only be put forward, at most, once every 7 days. The system looks for areas where there is potential to improve performance, so depending on the level of opportunity available you may not see many - if any - ad suggestions in your account.

How do I know if suggested ads are live?

 Obviously, ad suggestions present an obstacle for advertisers that need to adhere to legislation and compliance departments. Therefore you may wish to check and remove any suggested ads that have gone live after the 14 day period.

 In order to locate these ads, navigate to the ads section of your account in AdWords. Then apply a filter and select the option ‘Auto-applied ad suggestion’. This will show you all auto generated ads that are enabled in the account.

google suggestions image live

How have they changed since initial testing?

During the first test of Ad suggestions there were considerable concerns raised about the lack of control. Now, advertisers will (depending on notification settings) receive an email notifying them that an ad has been suggested.

How many languages are supported?

At this point, the following languages are supported.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
  • Italian

Can I opt out?

If you have any concerns about what copy AdWords might come up with, or you cannot be certain that you will always be able to review ads within the 14 day window, then you’ll be glad to know that you can opt out of having the ads automatically enabled. You will still be eligible to receive ad suggestions, but they won’t be enabled without you doing so personally.

Opting out can be done from the Account Settings page.

Ad Suggestions

 If you need any help with your AdWords account then get in touch with us today and our PPC team would be happy to help! 




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