Is the Social Space becoming overcrowded?


Is the Social Space becoming overcrowded? ...

The founders of Twitter have announced the launch of 2 new websites into the social space, Medium and Branch – in what they hope will prompt an "evolutionary leap" in online sharing.

As the article reads, Medium is built around collections, soon anyone will be able to start a collection and publish their own photographs or writing.

Branch describes itself as an attempt to combine the intimacy of a dinner table conversation with the power of the internet - so watch what you say. Users sign into Branch using their Twitter account, but that does not mean updates from all of your followers will appear here.

Branch is the place for Twitter users to have more in-depth conversations with each other. You can start your own "branch" and invite other Twitter users to join you. There is no need to set up a separate Branch account.

To me Twitter is attempting to compete with the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, integrating all elements of the social space to become an all encompassing solution.

Now, like most people, I have an account on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, which I find enough of a handful as it is. My thoughts on new social tools which are similar to what currently (and successfully) exists in the social world are, 'why would I need another one of those?'

There are already countless social tools available in the space.

I am all for sharing experiences on Facebook and my personal interests on Pinterest, but there comes a point when I think that something would have taken half the time if I hadn't taken a photo and uploaded it to the web, or worse, I experienced the moment via my Smartphone or Tablet instead of with my own eyes.

I continue to witness the younger generation having conversations with each other sitting side by side via a messenger or social app and I keep asking myself when the time will come that everything is communicated or viewed via technology.

Something as simple as Twitter was welcomed as a quick and easy solution to share an opinion or situation with the online world, which works with success. Will over complicating it in attempt to become a fancy tool catch on as well as hoped? I wonder whether there will come a time when people (like me) will think that social space is becoming too overcrowded.


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