It pays to have less bounce in your PPC campaigns


It pays to have less bounce in your PPC campaigns ...

Analytics Evangelist for Google, Avinash Kaushik spoke recently at a conference about how particular attention should be paid to the "bounce rates" of keywords rather than solely looking at clicks. The bounce rate tells us how relevant and appealing the landing page is when compared to the consumers’ expectations. This statement is further confirmation that it is key for a search marketer to evaluate landing pages, and their relevance to their associated keywords, in order to maintain a low bounce rate.

A fine example of this would be to test the bounce rate differences when changing the landing page from a brand homepage to a deep-linked, product-specific page. In following this theory, a clear example was seen with one particular Client of ours late last year. We saw a 55% decrease in the bounce rate of a paid search (PPC) campaign overnight. This in turn resulted in an improved quality score and importantly an improved conversion rate – surely demonstrating it is a key component of strategic search initiatives to combine your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts. The screen grab below illustrates the sharp fall in bounce rates that we were able to achieve.

google analytics bounce rate


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