Brought into the Equimedia bubble…


Brought into the Equimedia bubble… ...

Four weeks after starting at Equimedia, it is safe to say it already feels like a second home. I know I will be constantly learning new things both in the PPC world and all other aspects of an evolving digital marketing world.

Once I had inductions to each department, I began to understand how this company is like a big clock; all the parts work together in unison to create the perfect face (or in our case a ridiculously good digital marketing strategy).

Working within the Paid Search team is very exciting; it’s an ever changing part of marketing so even the experts are constantly learning. This means it’s never a dull moment in the office, and you can always rely on ‘album of the week’ to make it that much better.

My work is all about results and constantly altering keywords or ad groups to make them more efficient for our clients. We base our results on weekly/monthly results so we collect all our data and present them back to the client to show how effective the paid search campaign is for them.

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Our team all have in-depth knowledge of paid search so I know wherever I turn for advice I know any one of them will be able to help. We work closely on details of data given to us from multiple digital platforms, meaning we have to be precise and educated in all our decisions to make our work more efficient.

Just over a month in and I’m completely hooked on the equimedia line, I’m loving what I do and excited that I’ll always be learning new things. It’s safe to say the equimedia bubble is an incredible place to be.


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