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Last Order Dates....

Written by Laura | 07-Dec-2012 13:25:00

Every retailer will have a last order date for delivery in time for Christmas - it is in the lead up to this day that advertising and budget allocation should be at its peak!

When putting our Christmas plans together at equimedia, we always keep this in mind and recommend to our clients they allocate between 60%-70% of the total festive budget up to their last delivery date – this way we can make the most of the manic shopping period.

This benefits everyone; the customer who is buying the gift, the agency who thereby delivers the best strategy and results for their clients... and of course the client themselves when they hit their annual targets!

It is essential that this also considered when designing festive creative; relaying as much information to online space about delivery dates drives the best results!

Traditionally Christmas day is a time for eating food, being merry and having family fun.... this is still the case these days, however the 25th and 26th of December is also a key time for people to be online shopping. Think of everyone who received a new Tablet or Smartphone from Father Christmas, they will be browsing on their shiny new device in no time.

In 2011 Britain’s biggest high street names launched their festive sales on Christmas Eve to take advantage of the millions of people who were expected to shop on Christmas Day (guardian.co.uk).

The surge in visits to retail websites was up 32% between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, almost 5 million people bought products online on December the 25th, spending an estimated £153 million (telegraph.co.uk)

So, you think Christmas day is all about turkey and tinsel? Think again, think online sales!