Lead Form Extensions


Lead Form Extensions

More lead gen Beta's from Google, ensure your T&Cs are up to scratch!

There have been a few new additions for lead generation from Google Ads recently, including Discovery ads & YouTube form fill (BETA) but the latest comes in the form of the Lead Form Extension (currently in BETA ).  The current BETA provides a lead form extension from within the Google Ads copy – this could be a valuable addition to paid search ads for lead generation campaigns. The new extension allows users to submit information (Name, Email, Phone Number & Postcode) to an advertiser within the SERP.

The extension sits below the core ad offering the user the option to submit info. You are able to select from a variety of pre-defined calls to action:

  • Learn More
  • Get Quote
  • Apply Now
  • Sign Up
  • Contact Us
  • Subscribe
  • Download
  • Book Now
  • Get Offer

You can also add text (up to 30 characters) to sit below the call to action. Once a user clicks, they will be presented with the lead form, which is again customisable.

Advertisers can select which details they want customers to send them, for example as an advertiser you can select from Name, Email, Phone Number & Postcode. You will also need to add a mandatory image which also helps with extending your brand and building trust.

Advertisers must also provide a link to their privacy policy and Google also apply a disclosure notice. It’s important to be clear about the data collection here.

Before using this extension, it is important to be mindful of data collection and your own data collection policies. As this product is still in BETA the reporting and collection of data hasn’t necessarily been fully defined at this stage. Advertisers must state in their privacy policy how they use customer data, this needs to be the main consideration before applying this extension.

Here at equimedia, we are mindful and cautious when it comes to customer data, so we would recommend rolling this out in a phased approach to limit the risk. You may want to mitigate impact by applying it to a single campaign to begin with, as opposed to the entire account for example.

Data can be downloaded from Google ads via CSV, but the data must be downloaded regularly as data can only be collected from the last 30 days. You also have the option to receive leads in real-time through a webhook and integrate this with your CRM.

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