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Let the Sun Shine Ice Creams and Client Campaigns!!

Written by Stacey | 24-Jul-2012 15:31:27

Here at Equi=Media, July 19th means only one thing... the official start of summer.

This miraculous event is started when Ryan brings ice creams into the office as a 'healthy and fun alternative to cake' for his birthday. We were also reminded this year that it is tradition, and not predictable!

This year though, Ryan has singlehandedly started summer! Since the ice cream 'tradition' we have been gazing out onto a beautifully sunny Kembrey Park, in beautifully sunny Swindon.

As lovely as the ice creams and sunshine are though... this weather does have a serious effect on our clients' marketing strategies. The BBC reported that "the weather in June, with heavy rainfall and strong winds, had contributed to a contraction in sales in the food sector" – largely due to not seeing the spike in sales anticipated over the Diamond Jubilee. Read the full article here.

This trend isn't just confined to the food sector – we have seen trends buck the norm during prolonged periods of rain or unexpected sunshine, as people head indoors to the computer during miserable weather, or down tools and run to the park or beach to make the most of the sunshine.

With our ever-more–unpredictable UK weather system, we plan for these tactical opportunities and threats, simplistically by having a bank of weather-specific PPC copy signed off where appropriate (e.g.) pushing certain products for clothing retailers or tactical banner creative ready to deploy in adverse weather conditions (e.g.) snow for car insurance clients.

For some clients, we plan entire marketing strategies around them which are far more sophisticated than this... but the key is to be able to act quickly, and perhaps more importantly, analyse the results.

Jamie Walker (Account Director) is working on a follow up to this blog post, covering some of the trends and patterns we have identified from the previous few spats of sunshine and rain across some of our client sectors... watch this space!