Love or loathe it


Love or loathe it ...

The X-factor continues to attract enormous viewing audiences and a whopping 12.7 million viewers tuned into the launch of the live finals. This provides marketers a colossal "stage" on which to shout about their products, services or brand.

Along with the likes of Talk Talk and M&S who sponsor the series the regular intervals were also filled with a new group of stars from Yeo Valley. Think Westlife meets the West Country. This clever advert championing the merits of organic yoghurt from the west country perfectly complemented the content and sentiment of the programme which it interrupted.

See for yourself here:

Much like the live performances this advert was also made available on iTunes immediately after it was shown.

An interesting and fun way to foster brand awareness but not alone in the "yoghurt wars". Muller and Activia also advertised in similar slots during the programme.

It would appear though that despite this season's record viewing figures there is evidence that viewers are being turned off by the amount of advertising during the live show. During the 2 and a half hour show there were 8 ad breaks lasting 4 minutes apiece. This represented over a fifth of the total viewing time. In comparison the launch of the live show was seen by 13.5 million viewers in 2010.

Is it excessive advertising or the absence of the popular Simon Cowell on the judges panel that has potentially turned people off. Difficult to tell.

One thing is for certain that marketers will continue to come up with innovative ways of shouting about their products on this weekly enormous stage.


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