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Making Social Media Pay

Written by Michael | 19-Dec-2012 16:27:00

Social media sites have some of the largest networks in the world and can help companies raise awareness of their products/service. The trick is getting people to talk about your company, which is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. It’s often believed that by having a Twitter or Facebook account your company will inherently have an engaged target audience.

Regardless of how big your company is you need to give people a reason to visit your page/pro/wp-content/uploads/file and an even bigger reason for them to talk about you. In the world of social media, content really is king.

Christmas tis the season for giving and for good will to all men, with that in mind it’s also a brilliant time to offer some freebies to your customers. Although you don’t necessarily have to charge any monetary value for your offer you could ask users to Pay via word of mouth/tweet/post.

By creating something that people actually want to have (discounts, vouchers, PDF guides etc.) you are increasing the likelihood of people promoting your product with a tweet. This isn’t a fad either; www.paywithatweet.com saw 400,000+ people pay for something with a tweet or Facebook post in just 6 months and with well-known companies such as Microsoft already implementing the initiative it’s sure to be a success.

Twitter is a great platform for customer interaction, however if you want to focus your holiday season generosity solely through your Facebook page then Facebook Offers may be of interest. As long as your Page has 400+ fans then you will be qualified to set up your very own offers and discounts. Creating an offer is easy enough, simply click the “Offer, Event +” button when writing a status and follow the steps Facebook gives you.

Your offer can include:
• Whether your offer is in store, online or both
• A limited or unlimited number of claims
• An expiry date
• Terms and conditions
• Barcode for in store offers
It is worth remembering that Facebook Offers will charge your company money (the minimum charge is $5). These costs are controlled by you and correlate to how many people you want to reach.

Not only are you encouraging people to use discounts to actually buy a product from your company but you are also encouraging people to spread the word about your brand. Once someone has redeemed your offer a post will automatically be posted on their Timeline and made visible to all of their friends. Like other posts, a share option is also included so anyone who is particularly excited about your offer can share the offer before they even claim it.
The moral of the story is that people like free/discounted stuff so why not offer your customers something special for Christmas? If the offer is good enough people won’t mind quickly sharing it across their social channels.