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Meeting Market Challenges with Confidence

Written by Andrew | 02-Aug-2016 11:02:00

The last few weeks have seen some dramatic changes; the UK voted to leave the EU, and we got a new prime minister, cabinet and shadow cabinet in quick succession. At times it has seemed as if nothing can be taken for certain. Post the Brexit vote outcome; we are all now on a journey together that will be defined by political and commercial leaders in both the UK and other countries.

However, in our marketplace there have always been disruptions. Life in an agency truly reflects the saying “there is nothing as constant as change”, and it always has done. In our 17 year history, we have witnessed economic and political flux. The key to surviving and thriving is to be adaptable, and identify how to create positive outcomes. In 2000/1 when all our clients were tech start-ups, the country had a meltdown in the city and the “dot com bubble” burst. Rather than spending marketing budgets, we focused on working with clients and organisations to help them interpret tech language, into marketing language, as their IT and marketing departments tried to converse in a more meaningful way.

It is great to see that the latest figures from AA/Warc Expenditure Report, show reliance and confidence in the UK industry. Contrary to much of the reporting in our sector, they are not forecasting a recession in ad spend due to Brexit concerns, and growth is being led by our digital sector, specifically through internet and mobile spend.

As a country, the UK has always been known and admired for our inventiveness and ideas. The UK is in an important export economy and is, outside of North America, the world’s leading digital economy. It is certainly the most sophisticated one. It will now be more important than ever that we continue to demonstrate these valuable traits.

At equimedia, our business is built on the great work and results we deliver for our clients, and we will continue to do so. We’ve just had a fantastic last year growing our revenues by more than 40 per cent; we have succeeded in bringing on board new clients such as New York Bakery, Age UK and AJ Bell, while maintaining and growing our ongoing client relationships.

When the market faces uncertainty, it is more important than ever to have confidence and live the core values of your business. We are inquisitive, collaborative, accountable, and we act with integrity. These principals will enable us to meet the future with assurance and confidence. When you accept that change will always come, you can act in the right ways to face it head on.