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Microsoft Bing has arrived

Written by Rosie | 13-Jul-2010 14:00:37

Several days after launch, many people will have now tested out Microsoft Bing, whether directly visiting www.bing.com or searching on www.msn.co.uk. Has it changed the way you will search forever? So far Bing is not looking to be the hyped threat against Google. In fact, the results look remarkably Google-like. On entering your query into the search box, a drop-down of suggested terms appears:

At which point you select your query to see the results. The left hand navigation pane is not yet showing categories of results but related searches, unless you are searching for a person, at which point you may see the options of photo or news categories.

If navigating through the top links, you can refine your results into
categories. Searches entering the shopping results show the ciao
shopping results to enable the users to compare prices. Not the
slickest of user journeys but this is a start.

One interesting feature is within the Extras facility. You can here, under ‘Preferences’ select to increase the results seen on the first page. This increases the organic results shown up to a maximum of 50 results per page. Sponsored (PPC) ads are not affected by this setting. Is this the start of MSN allowing the user to personalise results? Progression along this path could give the search engine potential for keeping up with the likes of Google.

You can also select ‘Blogs’ taking the user to the Bing Community. Useful more for marketers (or fans of Bing!) than the general user, here you can see updates on how Bing is evolving.

An interesting offering from Microsoft, Bing has a lot to live up to in the upcoming weeks.