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Movember – Mo’ Money Less Problems.

Written by Darren | 05-Dec-2016 10:39:35

It’s December and finally the ridicule can stop. November or Movember as it has been referred to in the PPC team this month has been a hard but fruitful month. We have absolutely smashed our £1,000 target (and some) but it’s come at the expense of our faces and our feelings. Needless to say the insults have been steady, like a constant conveyor belt of ridicule. To give it some context, here are some of the insults/comments that we have endured in Movember (in no particular order)…

  • “I can’t take you seriously”
  • “you look like a 12 year old”
  • “you look like a 4 year old”
  • “terrifying”
  • “is that a joke?”
  • “I hope you’re doing Movember”
  • “When are you starting?”

There were also at least 3 instances of people laughing in my face at my appearance. We were quick to implement a new rule where banter was only acknowledged if the individual had donated to the cause, our total then began to shoot up quickly!

I think, secretly, some of the PPC team began to embrace their mo’, even to the point where great due care and attention was being carried out. Jamie P actually tinted his tache’ as he didn’t feel like it was noticeable enough and most mornings in the office began with the ritual of applying Vanilla and Mango wax to our Mo’s. Good job this was for only one month, as things were starting to get out of hand!

The target was finally surpassed on Giving Tuesday this year, when in true PPC nature we tried a technique to boost conversion rate – offering the rest of the office treats and sweets for their kind donations! This worked wonders and in one afternoon our team total went from £700 to over £1,200!

At equimedia we are always game for a laugh and particularly keen to support charities. It’s always more fun when you add a community feel to it and today our total stands at
£1,636 which we are overwhelmed with!

To see our current total or to contribute to our beautiful (and extinct) facial hair take a look here: http://moteam.co/equimedia-16