Mud Runner Taking Team Building to a Whole New Level


Mud Runner Taking Team Building to a Whole New Level ...

Members of the Account Management team wanted to take part in an event, something fun, something a little challenging and certainly something a bit different. After much deliberating, 'maybe a fun run?', 'what about an assault course?’ soon enough we were signed up for Mud Runner.

Mud Runner is an annual event taking place at Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire; where eager (some would say mad) individuals partake in a 7ish mile run through the test tracks used by Land Rover. As you can imagine this involves rough terrain, waterfilled pits, and lots and lots of mud.

After signing up with haste one lunchtime and paying our joining fee, the realisation set in that this wasn't something we could just turn up to on the day and hope for the best, but something which needed some form of training. Seeing as the majority of the team shy away from voluntary exercise at all times this certainly was going to be a challenge.

So the 7 members of team Mud, Sweat and Tears starting training, some were more keen than others with one team member (Rob) suggesting we meet in a field Sunday mornings to throw around logs to build strength. The idea of boot camp was also thrown you can imagine both of these suggestions were quickly dismissed.

But all in all we each started doing our bit in the hope that we would make it around the course as a team and we are now well on our way. We are even starting to enjoy the training, each delivering morning updates on the previous evenings efforts and swapping tips from stretching, what to wear and where to run!

With the buzz surrounding our training, word quickly spread around the office and soon enough a rival team had entered. Team Search for Rambo (minus Jon) is made up of 6 members from our Search department who are deploying a very different strategy, remaining extremely secretive about their training regime and tactics, leaving little known to members outside of the team. As such it will be left to the actual event to determine which team will complete the course first.

To be continued...........Look out for our post event report next week!


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