Music Search - competition in search hots up


Music Search - competition in search hots up ...

What a coincidence that both Yahoo and Google have announced search features for music on the same day.

The competition certainly is hotting up between the two search engines and definitely gives website optimisers like myself another genre of content to optimise for natural search.

Differences between the two are yet to be discovered fully as neither service has rolled out to the UK at the time of posting this blog, much to my disappointment.

One similarity however is that both have partnered with Rhapsody, who will be delighted to have these two on side.

Google confesses its database still has a lot of musical content to index and when I tried this out on both search engines I found even the examples provided didn’t have any “Play song results”, let alone the examples I searched for.

I can’t wait for this feature to fully roll out to the UK and will certainly keep you up-to-date.


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