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My first steps ….. Into the world of equimedia

Written by Michael Ho | 13-Mar-2014 16:48:00

Like a new-born taking their first steps, I took mine into the world of equimedia and all things digital marketing and I quickly realised that there will be a lot to learn but there will never be a dull day.

With a brief introduction to my surroundings, I was quickly thrown in to the extremely fast-paced and ever-changing world of digital marketing and paid search. There is a necessity to learn and master various analytical tools and software packages in order to be an effective digital marketing professional in this environment which means practice, practice, practice.

An emphasis is placed upon collaboration, as it is important to achieve optimum results. Working in paid search especially requires an ability to pay close attention to numbers and data which is ever changing and it is important to be able to communicate these findings to others in your team and within the agency as a whole, in order to provide the most accurate and beneficial results to your client. Additionally, I’ve noticed that one of the best questions to consistently ask yourself seems to be “why?” as the ability to provide the reasons for the change in figures on a daily or weekly basis is of paramount importance.

As previously mentioned, paying attention to the detail meticulously when completing respective tasks is necessary to ensure that processes are kept running smoothly within the entire equimedia machine.  

4 days in and it’s safe to say that I love learning all there is to learn regarding digital marketing … Especially because there is never a dull moment.