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My First Week as an Ad Ops Executive

Written by Harriet | 05-Dec-2014 16:31:00

So I am writing this post after I have completed my first week as an Ad Ops Exec (Advertising Operations Executive if you want the full blown version).

After a severe bout of the travel bug, I finally decided that at the grand old age of 24 it was time to take my first step onto the career ladder. Having graduated from University in 2012 it has taken me two years to reach this stage but I have finally got here and it has been worth the wait.

It is true to say that this week has been a steep learning curve, 99% of what I have learnt has been new to me and in light of my travels it has been a while since I have taken on so much new information. However it has been a welcome change which has given me a renewed focus.

So what exactly have I been doing in my first week? First and foremost I have done a lot of reading and note taking…by the end of week two I am pretty sure I will have filled up my first notebook (which I am sure will be the first of many!). I have also learnt about how ad trafficking works, been introduced to Kaizen, Equimedia’s own trading desk, become acquainted with all of the teams who work here and began the process of how to organise, manipulate and analyse data.

As a result I have had a lot of questions to ask and the Ad Ops team in particular, along with the rest of the teams have actively encouraged this, which has been great.  Considering equimedia has just been voted a top 5 agency in the UK, with around 50 employees and still growing, you get the best of both expert knowledge and access to it first-hand. Alongside this I have been to a fair few meetings, including a conference call and a knowledge sharing meeting, both of which have provided me with an understanding of some of the latest developments in the digital marketing industry.

 It’s great to be able to work for a company who places value on industry progression and as a result values the opportunities that can be identified for its clients. Being a person who loves to learn, this is a great industry to be in because the environment is always changing. So even when I have got to grips with my current role, there will always be new elements to consider which could be industry wide or AdOps specific which will provide open up doors and new opportunities …exciting.

Consequently I am glad to have had the opportunity to join a company whose values I share and will enable me to learn everything I need to know in order to provide my future clients with results that are meaningful.

Overall, as someone who has a keen interest in the digital marketing industry, I have spent the last week fully immersed in all things digital and am looking forward to the future ahead.