Google’s New AdWords Extension – Callout Extension


Google’s New AdWords Extension – Callout Extension ...

Google recently announced a new AdWords extension – Callout Extensions. 

The callout extension gives you an extra line of text in your PPC ads which you can use to highlight your USPs or specific product attributes which help differentiate you from the competition.

Below you can see our callout extensions in action for our client Equifax. The callout extensions show between two and four at a time from what we can see.

Equifax Callout Extensions (highlighted in red) – Weekly Email & SMS Alerts / 24hr Dispute Resolution / 24 Hour On-Line Help

 Callout Extension in Adwords preview tool

The callout extensions are not clickable like other extensions – this means they cannot be used as navigational links to link users to other aspect of the site, nor can they be used to link users to sub products or sale items.

What they are designed to do is keep the user focused on the main product itself and provide additional or more specific information whilst ensuring the user is not distracted from the main ad itself.

Each callout extension has a 25 character limit so they must be concise; they can be applied at Account, Campaign and Ad group level.

Ad group level extensions trump campaign level extensions and campaign level extensions trump account level extensions.

Callout extensions have become available in some of our accounts and can be found in the ‘Ad Extensions Tab’.

Adwords tab screen

 Within the Ad Extensions tab you can set up your callout extensions at various levels by clicking the red +Extension button.

Adwords Labs tab and the Callout Extension set up page

Initial results across a variety of our clients suggest that callout extensions have improved click through rates by 10% and up to 23% in some cases! Obviously it’s still early days in our analysis and we will require more data to make the analysis more dependable but it certainly looks promising.

Callout extensions are expected to be rolled out to all accounts in the next few days so be sure to check your accounts and apply them promptly - as we will be doing here at equimedia.

To find out more about callout extensions see the AdWords support page.



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