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New Google Analytics features: More Goals, More Intelligence and Custom Alerts

Written by Ryan | 13-Jul-2010 14:00:21

Today Google has officially announced the latest features to be rolled out in Google Analytics that we had the opportunity to preview at Mountain View last week. Due to demand from powers users (which as GAAC's we class ourselves) more flexibility and customisation has been made possible. These developments make the tool even more powerful and allow an expert to get a huge amount of value out of the tools on behalf of Clients.

Google is pushing the developments as making Analytics more: Powerful. Flexible. Intelligent.

I have explained below the two developments that I think will have the most immediate impact below, and all others are listed further down.

Custom Alerts - we can set specific KPI's in GA that the "Intelligence" dashboard will then report significant changes to historic norms. e.g. if the bounce rate of a specific traffic source increases above an expected level. We can also request email notification of this. We won't rely on this to do our job for us, but it will certainly allow us to spot significant changes in KPI's more quickly.

You can see in the example below how, for this day, traffic has increased 83% more than was expected (based on historic data).


More Goals & Engagement Goals - until now, we have been restricted to 4 goals per pro/wp-content/uploads/file. Now Google have extended this to 4 sets of 5 goals each (total = 20 goals) per pro/wp-content/uploads/file. Further to this, there is now the ability to create "engagement goals". Whereas previously a goal was simply a visit to a pre-defined page, now there is the added flexibility to define a goal as either a "time on site" or "number of pages viewed". So for example you may have a Client who is interested in driving brand awareness, who doesn't have a specific "confirmation page", BUT they would like people to spend longer than 2 minutes on site. This can now be set as a goal.

The list of other features released by Google:


More Goals
Engagement Goals
Mobile Web Tracking
Advanced Table Filtering
Unique Visitor Metric


Multiple Custom Variables
Sharing Segments and Custom report templates


Automated Intelligence Alerts
Custom Intelligence Alerts
Email notification of the above

As the tool develops and offers more, the need for Analytics experts to get the most from it continues to increase. We are excited about the increasing level of Insight we can continue to offer our Clients. 

To read more about this release see the offical Google Analytics blog.